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Delegate Point Sheet Due At the Nov Chapter Meeting

Posted about 2 years ago by Lin Boyes

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Please find the Delegate Point System attached, this is to be completed and returned to the nominating committee with supporting information by November 12th, for those interested in attending AORN Surgical Conference and Expo as a delegate in 2017.

Items can be returned via email to

Cambria Nwosu

Or in person at the November 12th Regular Chapter meeting


Patricia Coates about 2 years ago

Hi, can you please clarify a few point items. When you say, National Committee, are you speaking on of AORN committees? Does the ANAI count? Second question, if you were the raffle coordinator for the Spring Conference, is that worth two points or three.
Thank you ~ Patricia Coates

Carolyn Burr about 2 years ago

I also have a couple of questions:
1) Program/Workshop: a)are points earned for securing speakers or vendors? If yes, how many points? b) are points given for all nursing workshops attended (e.g. ASPAN or APRN conferences)? and c)is this where we would add points for attending our chapter Spring Seminar and AZCORN Fall Conference?

2) Meeting Attendance: I cannot recall business meetings vs. board meetings - how should I deal with that? Do they always occur together?

Thank you, in advance, for clarifying. I would like to get this returned to you immediately :)
Looking forward to the Expo!!
Angie Burr

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