Grand Canyon Chapter of AORN

Final Reminder Jan 10

Posted almost 5 years ago by Lin Boyes

Just posting one last reminder that we will be having a regular chapter meeting this Saturday January 10th at 10 am.  The meeting will be held at Thompson Peak Hospital.  

Also, the volunteer committe is asking for non-perishable food donations that would compose an entire meal.  For further information or questions contact Lin @ or Paati @



Carolyn Burr over 4 years ago

Could you direct members where this meeting is within the hospital? Is there a classroom number or the general location to make it easy to find. I have never been to this facility so any direction is appreciated.
Thanks, Angie Burr

Dana Martyn over 4 years ago

I am not familiar with this hospital. Is there a certain room or area where the meeting is held?

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