Grand Canyon Chapter of AORN

New official chapter logo

Posted about 1 month ago by Cambria Nwosu

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Let us know your thoughts on the new chapter logo. This was designed by AORN national and is the same design for all of the chapters. 


Marcia Beaton 15 days ago

Obviously more official looking. If all chapters are using the same design, I see no reason not to use. Does take away from the individuality of the chapter though

Catherine Page 15 days ago

I would prefer to have some rendition of the actual Grand Canyon.

Patricia Coates 13 days ago

If we have to switch to look like everyone else, then I would be okay with it. I still prefer our individual look.

Ayda Macduff 13 days ago

Is this official? Or a suggestion?

Cambria Nwosu 6 days ago

This is official directly from AORN that they prefer us to use. We can vote as a chapter at our next meeting whether we would oblige to their recommendation or keep the logo as is.

Dan Wade 1 day ago

I'm OK with the new logo. I can understand that AORN would like uniformity from the chapter logos.

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